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SUP Fishing Popularity Explodes

DESTIN, Florida - One of the most exciting aspects of the SUP industry right now is the growth of the sport. As more and more people gravitate towards stand up paddling, we're seeing the lifestyle being adapted and cross-pollinated with other activities, forming a series of new hybrid sports. Right alongside SUP yoga, one of the branches of paddling that keeps developing at an amazing rate is SUP fishing - a beautiful union between two awesome leisure activities.

It's gotten so popular, David Mercer even did a full feature on SUP Fishing on his show, the Facts of Fishing (see above). It always gets us stoked to see SUP featured by the mainstream media. 

When you stop and think about it, the two couldn't be better matched. In a lot of ways, a SUP is like a portable dock - except you can paddle it around the water and get even closer to the action. The only thing needed to make this happen was someone bringing a rod along one day. Nowadays, leading SUP manufacturers are designing boards with anglers in mind. Leading the pack is BOTE board, based out of Florida, where fishing, hunting and paddling are a way of life. If you're serious about fishing and paddling, check out the Ahab: the Ferrari of SUP fishing boards.  



"The Great White whale has surfaced and we call it the Ahab. A 14' fishing platform with a racing pedigree, the Ahab is the ultimate combination of stability, speed and versatility. The Ahab combines a racing style hull for speed with a large flat deck and is out-fitted with multiple tackle rac receivers, cooler tie downs, bungee tie downs and thru holes for staking out. Ye best be ready for the adventure of ye life with the captain of all paddle boards."

Stay with us next week, when we'll be doing a full feature on everything you need to know about SUP fishing.   


Founded in 2009 by Magda and Corey Cooper, BOTE's roots were very modest. BOTE literally grew from the simple concept of developing a stand-up paddle board that is designed to be fished from–a board that would justly serve fisherman, surfers and paddle enthusiasts alike.


Create the most versatile watercraft on the market. A paddle board that is lightweight, stable, stealthy and hydro-dynamically efficient for a great paddle experience. The board must be versatile enough to accommodate the lifestyles of fishermen, paddle surfers, and fitness enthusiasts.

BOTE recognizes that most US coastlines and inland areas have not been exposed to stand-up paddle boarding because it is a relatively new sport in the mainland US and most paddle board companies focus their marketing efforts towards the already established surfing and paddle boarding cultures. Conversely, most coastal and inland areas have strong fishing cultures. BOTE's ability to meet the needs of both paddle surfing and fishing cultures has bridged the gap and advanced the next evolution of the paddle board. 

For anyone new to BOTE, you can keep up to date on the latest news, events and updates on their website's blog.

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