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Slater Trout Talks Racing Business At Supconnect

SAN DIEGO, California - Supconnect had the good fortune of hosting Boardworks and FCS team rider, Slater Trout, for a live interview at the studio yesterday. Sporting a newly buzzed head and minus the big beard we saw a few weeks ago, the talented SUP racer and Andre Niemeyer hashed out a great discussion that circled through a number of hot topics. While Andre might have put him on the spot a few times, they laughed through the worst of it and got down to the nitty gritty. One of the best things about having athletes like slater in studio is getting a chance to pick their brains about sticky issues that normally stay behind closed doors. 

For your viewing pleasure,we've broken down the interview into the following sections. Please click the links and enjoy!

Slater's Top 3 SUP Racing Events


Slater Answer's Viewer Questions


Slater's New Gear


Controversial Questions And Topics

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