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Troutman & Jackson Bring Top Kayak Talent to SUP

Nick Troutman (left) stands next to Pau Hana's founder Todd Caranto at the Teva Mountain Games in 2011. Nick Troutman (left) stands next to Pau Hana's founder Todd Caranto at the Teva Mountain Games in 2011.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colorado – Nick Troutman, a former World Freestyle Champion, and Dane Jackson, a freestyle kayak wunderkind, continue to showcase how stand up paddle boarding offers incredible cross-training benefits even for world-class athletes in other sports.  The former world champion has far from peaked and continues to claim top results in some of the most prestigious freestyle kayaking events while at the same time paddling a stand up paddle board. And the same is true of his kayak rival, the young Jackson.

At this year's Paddle Life Pro in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Troutman, a Pau Hana team rider, had a stellar performance, tying for first with 17-year old Dane Jackson, a Surftech team rider. While maintaining top performance in kayak circles, the white water professionals cross-train on their stand up paddle boards, which demand different body workouts even despite of their in-depth river knowledge. The Crossfit, Pau Hana's board of choice, couldn't be more appropriately named, since stand up paddling has brought in people from so many different walks of life, including even a World Freestyle Champion. Jackson, on the other hand, rides his Surftech B-1, designed to be nearly indestructible when inevitably crashing on the river rocks. 

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