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Starboard Introduces New Air Foil

Starboard's Air Foil in action. | Photo courtesy: Starboard Starboard's Air Foil in action. | Photo courtesy: Starboard

After 5 years of research and development, hundreds of hours on the water and in the workshop, countless prototypes and liters of blood, salt water, sweat and tears, the team at Starboard are now ready to present you the new Starboard Air Foil - an inflatable wing foil board.

With Starboard's patent pending top plate technology, the distance between your feet and the foil is less than 1.5 cm hence, giving you direct control over the foil. On top of that, the Air Foil’s bag can fit a board, a wing, a hydrofoil and a pump comfortably. The bag is made of upcycled plastic bottles, comes with roller wheels and hiking straps. The Air Foil is ready to take you on a direct flight anywhere in the world.

Patent Pending Top Plate Technology

  • Distance between the feet and the foil is less than 1.5 cm.
  • Direct response, more control and better flight sensation.
  • No more wobbly sensations in the interaction between the rider and the foil.
  • The plate is tapered and covered in EVA for more comfort underfoot.
  • Unparalleled stiffness.

Like all Starboard inflatables, the Air Wing utilizes the Welded Rail Technology. Starboard has pioneered the most advanced and reliable rail welding technology by mechanically bonding the rail layers. Welded Rail Technology seals the deck and bottom of the board at the rail, which is critical for leaking.

And, to top it all off, for every board sold, the team at Starboard plants a mangrove tree, absorbing one ton of CO2 over 20 years and picks up 1.1 kg of ocean plastic trash through their Plastic Offset Program.

For more info on the new Air Foil from Starboard, click HERE.

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