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Apsu Announces Title Sponsorship of Apsu 12 Towers Ocean Paddle Festival 2019

2018 12 Towers race. | Photo: Georgia Schofield 2018 12 Towers race. | Photo: Georgia Schofield

QUEENSLAND, Australia - Apsu, a premium supplement company that supports the specific needs of athletes and active people, announced that it has become the title sponsor of the Apsu 12 Towers Ocean Paddle Festival 2019 in Queensland, Australia. The event takes place on the 2nd and 3rd of March and attracts some of the biggest names in the sport, including last year’s SUP category winners Michael Booth and Yuka Sato.

“This event is an iconic race on the international paddle sports calendar. Many of Apsu’s advocates and customers are keen and successful paddlers. It is because of the direct support that we receive from these customers that we are thrilled to sponsor the 12 Towers Ocean Paddle Festival, an event that provides ocean athletes with an inspiring new year’s challenge,” says Nick Moloney, director of Apsu Limited.

As a former professional sailor, 15 times world record holder and Australian Sports Medal recipient, Moloney has first-hand experience of what paddle athletes go through from his participation in the Molokai2Oahu.

“To gain a competitive edge in my career, I always ensured that I found the right nutritional balance to support the stamina required for the endurance races and the energy required for sprint events. Our Superfood Multivitamin, highly valued by many ocean athletes, is a non-overdosing premium supplement created specifically to help with recovery, energy, immunity and joint support for athletes of all levels,” continues Moloney.

Queensland Tourist Board is also a key supporter of the Apsu 12 Towers Ocean Paddle Race, which showcases the natural beauty of the south Queensland coastline, a coastline that everyone is keen to protect.

aspu 12 towers partnership 12018 12 Towers race. | Photo: Georgia Schofield

In 2017, Apsu signed a UN Environment pledge to support their Clean Seas initiative. In so doing, the company committed to removing single-use plastic from its products with the aim of protecting such unique and beautiful coastlines which are at risk of becoming congested with plastic pollution.

Troy Pease, founder of the Apsu 12 Towers Ocean Paddle Race, says “We are delighted that Apsu has come on board as our title sponsor. They become the leading name in our exciting panel of partners who support athlete and ocean health, something that has become increasingly important since we first launched the race eight years ago.”

Moloney says, “We really feel that our sporting values and environmental ethos provides a natural fit for this event. We wish all the athletes the very best in their respective categories and encourage them to consider how achieving their ultimate nutritional balance can push them further and faster.”

Learn more about Apsu and the Superfood Multivitamin by visiting here

About Apsu 12 Towers Ocean Race Festival

Now in its eighth edition, the Apsu 12 Towers Ocean Race Festival 2019 brings together paddle board athletes from all around the world, across all disciplines. The event has carved out an iconic place on the international calendar as being one of the premier races for SUP, Ocean Ski, and Prone paddlers. Over 140 contestants will battle it out across two courses that stretch along 12 life guard stations (from where the race gets its name) along the stunning Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.

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