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Top 5 Locations For Paddleboarders To Meet Like-Minded People

Photo courtesy: POP Board Co. Photo courtesy: POP Board Co.

Paddleboarding has become one of the most popular water activities over the past several years. You can do it in the ocean and lakes as well as a river. It is great exercise, but also relaxing. Fun hobbies like paddle boarding also give people the opportunity to find like-minded people. Even dating apps make it super easy to meet new people and paddle boarding is a great activity to share with friends, both new and old. Whether you are new to this sport or you are well advanced, here are some great places for paddleboarders to meet like-minded people.

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

sup likeminded people sunset beachSunset Beach, Oahu. | Photo: Shutterstock

Hawaii is the ultimate destination when it comes to surfing, paddle boarding and other similar activities. There are tons of places to hang around on the island of Oahu, but Sunset Beach is one of the most attractive. Located in the north, it hosts various surfing competitions in the winter months and brings in some excellent waves to try your skills and have some fun. Do note this wave does require advanced skills on most winter days as the ocean currents and waves are quite powerful here.

During the summertime, waters tend to be calmer and more suitable for beginner to intermediate paddleboarding. No matter how experienced you are, you will find all sorts of people sharing the same passion for paddleboarding.

Bali, Indonesia

sup likeminded people baliParty wave in Bali. | Photo: Starboard

You can go SUPing in Bali in March, August or November – the point is this destination is excellent for paddle boarding year round. It has great turquoise waters, glassy waves and calm waters. The place is excellent for both advanced paddleboarders and beginners. Bali has a ton of beaches and some of them are better than others.

Most people crowd up in the south. Head to the north if you want a bit of extra calmness, but still, lots of people who share the same hobby. Places like Balian and Medewi will pleasantly surprise you. Apart from paddleboarding, you can get engaged into other outdoor activities too – such as climbing or hiking.

Perth, Australia

sup likeminded people costa ricaA group of paddlers on a quiet sea at sunset in Perth. | Photo: Shutterstock

When it comes to water-related activities, most people will recommend New South Wales. This place is ideal for surfers, but not the best choice for paddleboarders – waves are for the advanced. Instead, head to the largest city in the western side of Australia and you will find plenty of like-minded people – both professionals and amateurs.

Waters in the Swan River are flat and calm. You can also head to the Cottesloe Beach, where waves are a bit higher, but still calm enough for paddleboarders. Again, there are more activities you can do around – great for snorkeling as well.

Costa Rica

sup likeminded people costa ricaSunset paddle session in Costa Rica. | Photo: Shutterstock

Just like Australia and Hawaii, Costa Rica has a good reputation for surfing. There are a few differences though. First, you can find plenty of places suitable for paddleboarding. Second, the country is much more exotic than Australia. Head to Playa Danta in Guanacaste if you like paddleboarding – best waters and lots of like-minded people hanging around.

On the other hand, if you like exploring around, you can visit Jaco – ideal for those who like quiet places without too many people around. You will not be there by yourself, but you can definitely get lots of space around you while in the water.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

sup likeminded people amsterdamA group of stand-up paddle boarders paddling along blue water canals. | Photo: Shutterstock

If you are not too much into exotic places, but you want a city to take your paddle boarding experience to another level, Amsterdam might be the ideal place. At a first glance, it may not look like the best place for paddleboarding, but you will be surprised. There are about 165 canals in the city and they feature calm waters, so you can go standup paddle boarding literally everywhere.

Furthermore, nothing is better than taking a walk around those cobblestone streets after a session. Explore the area, admire the surroundings and push your paddleboarding skills further. Believe it or not, you might as well end up paddling around Anne Frank’s house. What else can you ask for?

Bottom line, these are some of the most attractive places in the world to meet like-minded people if you truly love to paddle – from exotic destinations in the middle of nowhere to actual cities. No matter what you are into, there is something for everyone out there.

The list can definitely go longer and you might as well find calm and peaceful waters in your area too – without needing to travel all over the world. But then, if you truly want to meet paddleboarding communities and lots of people who can give you advice or share the experience with you, traveling abroad might be required.

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