Chicama, Peru: A SUP Surfer’s Dream

SUP surfer Amit Inbar loves exploring and trying new places especially when he can bring his stand up paddle board (SUP), surfboard and other water toys along for the adventure. Recently, Amit ventured down to Chicama, Peru where he got up close and personal with the longest left hand point break in the world. Hear about his journey below.

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Pau Hana SUP Releases Video Series From Adventure To Hawaii

Boarding Pass Excursion is a micro travel series designed to deliver stoke in 60 second bite sized pieces. The series follows Pau Hana Surf Supply founder, Todd Caranto, as he explores new places around the world to paddle and discovers the local Stand Up Paddle Boarding culture through: SUP yoga, SUP fishing, SUP surfing, and SUP Touring, always ready for a cold beer and fresh local grinds. Check out the video series below.

SUP Family Travels To Rapa Nui & Educates On Plastic Pollution

Carine Camboulives & Manu Bouvet are professional board riders based in Maui, Hawaii. For the last 15 years they've been searching for the perfect spot all over the world. Their latest documentary tells their adventure to the most isolated land on earth; Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island. The mystic Easter Island not only hides the mysterious Moai and some world class waves but is situated in the middle of a huge floating plastic vortex…

Surf4Smile Introduces SUP To Madagascar

In August 2015, Starboard team athlete Benoit Carpentier along with the organization Surf4smile created by his brother Mathieu, his sister Alix and a few friends, went on a 10-day mission to Madagascar to meet one community of surfers on the east coast of the island. A main part of their mission was to conduct free screening tests (hepatitis, malaria, HIV and syphilis) and health care for the local population.

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The Ultimate Crossing: Bart De Zwart's World SUP Excursion

Expedition, big wave, and long distance paddler Bart de Zwart has set off on a world-wide SUP excursion where he intends to visit the corners of the world to explore unseen places one normally wouldn't see or hear of, and he is exploring all of these places while on his SUP. As a part of the Starboard SUP Dream Team, Bart has had the chance to travel the world and experience many different cultures and places so this adventure will be one to add to the books.

Paddle Boarding Chicama, Peru

Looking for a new travel destination to take your SUP? Look no further than Peru SUP Camp, located in the beautiful area of Chicama, Peru!

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Standup Paddle Surfing in Scotland

A group of friends went on a paddle boarding adventure in Scotland where they got some fun looking waves along the beautiful landscape of the Scotland coast!

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Project Origin: Making Adventure Powerful

Learn about Project Origin, who’s final goal is to raise enough money to plant one million trees through adventure. Watch as Dave Cornthwaite and four  other paddlers prepare to take on the first leg of Project Origin, a 130 mile circumnavigation of Martinique using Origin inflatable paddle boards.

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European SUP Journey: Norway To Sweden

Standup paddling journeys are an awesome, alternative way of travel these days. Titus Kodzoman is one who decided to take a journey and he paddled from Olso, Norway to Sweden.

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The KUZI Project Continues: Episode 3

PEMBA, Mozambique - Over the last few weeks we've been following the mini-documentary, starring Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis, who went on a self-propelled journey from Mozambique to Zanzibar. Last week we saw episode one, entitled "HAIR-FIRE, KNEE SURGERY AND DRUNK SUP PROMISES" - a fitting title for a crazy clip. This week the journey continues with a new installment, titled: GETTING PAST DEADLY PUNTA DIABLO, AFRICAN ADVENTURE UNDERWAY

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Jim Weir Goes Off the Beaten Track In Indonesia

SAN DIEGO, California - When it comes to travel destinations, Indonesia is right at the top of almost every list. To find out more about SUP surfing in Indonesia, we spoke with ULI's inventor/founder, Jim Weir, who just returned from a month on Indo's wild side.

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Fiery Action Featured In KUZI PROJECT Episode 1

PEMBA, Mozambique - Last week we aired the KUZI Project Teazer clip, which introduced viewers to the incredible journey that Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis took up the East Coast of Africa this year. EPIC TV have just released episode 1 of their 6 part-part mini-documentary series that follows this crazy duo 500 miles, from Mozambique to Zanzibar. It's titled: "HAIR-FIRE, KNEE SURGERY AND DRUNK SUP PROMISES". Watch and enjoy...

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The KUZI Project Launches On EpicTV

 PEMBA, Mozambique - In July this year, Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis took on a monumental, self-supported journey, up the East coast of Africa on SUP's and kiteboards. check out the trailer to their documentary, soon to be released on EpicTV.

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SUP Against Depression, The Journey Continues

Southern California Lifestyle SUP Athlete, Will Schmidt, has teamed up with Infinity SUP for his latest ocean challenge which is being called, "Stand Up Paddle Against Depression: The Journey Continues!"  Find out where he's going and how long it will take...

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Bucket List Item Evolves to Stand Up For Littles

Stand Up For Littles wants to bring more attention to "Big Brothers Big Sisters" Programs and hopes that others will become "Big Brothers" and "Big Sisters" so they can give their time and experience to inspire a child who just needs another person in their life."

Schmidt to Stand Up Paddle Against Depression

Schmidt is a former Marine and was a stinger missile gunner who fought in Afghanistan and Kosovo. So why is he paddling the approximate 40 miles solo (with an escort crew close by) from Catalina to Dana Point, California?

The Ion Downwind Xperience Waiting Period in On

The Ion Downwind Xperience waiting period in on for 10 top riders - all downwind addicts - who are in the south of France waiting for the perfect time to launch in March 2013.  Click "Read More" to watch the teaser video!

Super SUP Adventures from Argentina with Facundo

Argentinean waterman, Facundo Martin Diaz, set a new global record when for the first time in recorded history he crossed the Rio de la Plata River from Argentina to Uruguay on a stand up paddleboard.  It is the widest river in the world and links the two beautiful South American countries.

Paddling the Path of Ancestors - Voice of the Xingu

Almost two years ago at the end of September 2010, Alfredo Villas Boas, a stand up paddler who resides on Maui and works as a lifeguard, made a tremendous journey to the jungles of Brazil to retrace the path of his ancestors, bring awareness to the indigenous people who live there and help save the ecosystem.  Now there is a film that shows it all!

Trestles to TJ Paddle with Purpose

SUP Ambassador and former pro surfer Jodie Nelson, has generously supplied six 14' Surftech Bark Dominator Stand Up Paddle Boards and six Quickblade Paddles for the first Annual 70 mile paddle from Trestles to TJ.  Below the Surface and Paddle with Purpose, two non-profit organizations based in San Diego, CA and Orange County, CA are currently on the journey.

First Round Hong Kong Island by SUP

On Thu May 24th, Kevin Horgan a long distance Stand Up Paddler from Kauai, managed to complete the first circumnavigation of Hong Kong Island on a Starboard 14' Coast Runner, a distance of around 44km or 27.3miles in 8 hours and 7mins. Kevin left Shek O Main Beach at 7.53am and arrived back at 4.00pm. 

Robben Island SUP Mission

Have you paddled with sharks lately? Off the coast of South Africa lies the small, history-rich Robben Island. Surrounded by bone-chill waters patrolled by very large sharks, this isn't your everyday stand up paddle session.

Iceland SUP Adventure

In a country as raw and untamed as Iceland the sport of stand up paddling is as foreign as a palm tree. The Blueline Paddlesurf and Paddle Surf Hawaii teams explore Iceland with their boards and have video to prove it.

Rob Rojas Paddles 24 Hours Non-Stop

Rob Rojas will paddle for 24 hours straight to raise awareness about child sex slavery and funds to care for survivors and those vulnerable to exploitation through the Love146 "Tread on Trafficking" campaign.

Yolo Board In Costa Rica

YOLO Board recently toured Costa Rica solidifying existing international relationships at both Vista Guapa in Jaco and Zancudo Lodge in Golfito.

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