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Thunderbird Paddling Festival Bringing Fun To Lake Tahoe

With the summer stand up paddle (SUP) season coming in full swing there’s no better place than Lake Tahoe to participate in a fun and scenic race. Coming to the Lake Tahoe shores on June 10, 2017, the Thunderbird Paddling Festival provides the perfect mix of racing and fun that is great for the whole family to enjoy.

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Kai Lenny Downwinds for Environmental Change

Six-time Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding World Champion, Kai Lenny, recently completed a challenging downwind journey across the Hawaiian Islands in an effort to raise awareness around the rising issue of plastic pollution.

5 Tips To Improve Your SUP Race Performance

Want to know the key to success when it comes to performing well during a stand up paddle race? Look no further because we've aggregated improvement tips from some of the best SUP racers on the planet. Stepping up your game and performing at a higher level takes more than just a lot of time on the water. Here are the top 5 tips on how you can improve your performance during a SUP race.

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APP World Tour’s Japan Pro-Am Scheduled for May

Hosted at an all new venue for 2017, the beautiful Enoshima Beach in the Kanagawa Prefecture just south of Tokyo, the Japan Pro-Am presented by Hawaiian Airlines will take place from the 5th - 7th May, as the World's very best athletes descend upon this picturesque seaside town for a battle to remember.

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5 Tips To Improve Paddle Stroke

In stand up paddle boarding, having a good paddle stroke is crucial to seeing results and improving skill level. Many of stand up paddling's top athletes stress that the paddle stroke is one of the most important, if not the most important, tool to master when paddling. We caught up with many of stand up paddling's best athletes to get some tips on how to have a great paddle stroke. See what they had to say...

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2017 Spring Paddle Boarding Gear Guide

The sun is starting to shine, ice is melting and spring is starting to peek it’s head around the corner. With temperatures rising and waterways defrosting into lakes and rivers again, it’s time to start getting geared up and ready to get back on the water and out of the winter hibernation. Here, we’ve put together a list of SUP gear, accessories, and of course boards for everyone from a beginner to the advanced SUP'er for the 2017 Spring paddle boarding season, so there's sure to be something in this guide for everyone!

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8 Takeaways from the Hawaiian Leg of the 2017 APP World Tour

With the Hawaiian leg of the 2017 APP World Tour coming to a close there were some important facts to be aware of after the events wrapped up. The early leaders were named, the double-threats to look out for and more were discovered. Here are eight takeaways

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Naish Javelin Maliko

Price: $3,199 Build: Non-inflatable
Skill: Intermediate Use: Race
Weight: 27.11 lbs Sizes: 14'

About the board:The Javelin Maliko is a non-inflatable premium quality race board that is best suited for intermediate and advanced paddlers. The Javelin Maliko looks great and has detailed graphics that are displayed all throughout the board that are rather eye-catching. This paddle board is pretty easy to carry considering its size and the glide feels fast, which is no surprise since lightweight construction and speed-centric design are at the core of this board model. The board was really fun to paddle and stood out compared to other boards in the category earning Supconnect’s “A” grade.

Naish Glide

Price: $1,539 Build: Inflatable
Skill: Beginner Use: All-around
Weight: 30.4 lbs Sizes: 12'

Who is this for: If you’re looking for a very stable, inflatable, all-around board to paddle short distances then the Naish Glide is worth a look. This stand up paddle (SUP) board comes in the Double Layer Stitch construction and rather durable and has its ups and downs. Due to its 34 inch width the board is very stable and has 2.43 lbs per foot, weighing 30.4 lbs total. Its shape makes the Glide an all-around board that can be used by anyone and is designed primarily for recreation. Its construction and shape combined best fit this board for short distance paddling, around the beach, dock and river. Retailing at $1,539, the board is in the high-tier price point but is among the best inflatables that the brand has to offer.

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Naish One

Price: $1,249 Build: Inflatable
Skill: Intermediate Use: Race/Touring
Weight: 25.1 lbs Sizes: 12'6"

Who is this for: If you’re looking for a stable inflatable, race/touring board to paddle then the One from Naish is worth a look. This stand up paddle (SUP) board comes in a double drop stitch technology, which is durable and has its ups and downs. The board is 30 inches wide making the board pretty stable and the board has 2.01 lbs per foot and weighs 25.1 lbs total which is lightweight for a board that is 12’6”. Its shape makes the One a race/touring board that can be used by intermediate paddlers and was designed for both recreation and competition. Its construction and shape combined best fit this board for mid to long-distance paddling between 3-10 miles plus. Retailing at $1,249, the board is in the popular mid-tier market in terms of affordability.

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