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Catching up with Living Legend Mickey Muñoz

In a recent episode of #SupconnectLive host Kristin Thomas catches up with the absolute legend, Mickey Muñoz. Munoz, nicknamed "The Mongoose", was born in New York City in 1937 and is one of the early pioneers of surfing but is perhaps more famous for his work as a surfboard shaper. Munoz, a historical figure in the surfing world, has been featured in many popular surfing documentaries such as the 2004 film Riding Giants. He currently resides in Capistrano Beach, California, and designs boards for Surftech, a manufacturer of epoxy boards.

Munoz graduated from Santa Monica High School. He was part of the surfing scene at Malibu and was present on June 27, 1956, the day a young lady showed up and Terry "Tubesteak" Tracy nicknamed her Gidget. Later he was the stunt double for Sandra Dee in the 1959 Gidget movie. He developed a stance while surfing that became known as the "Quasimodo".

Catch up with Mickey in the episode above.

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