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Man Arrested for Surfing in Chicago

Rex Flodstrom was put in handcuffs and had his surfboard confiscated last Tuesday afternoon after a surf session on Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois.

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Rusty SUP Surfboards Enter Crowdless Surf

Winter has come to Southern California, which means mildly cold temperatures and shoulder-high surf. Searching for an empty spot somewhere in North County San Diego, Andre Niemeyer and Jeff Warner landed on a place in Carlsbad, down a cliff in the vicinity of a spot called “Turn Arounds.”

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Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela SUP Surf

One of the most iconic couples of the stand up paddle world, Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela, went out early in the morning at Oceanside, CA to showcase their sup surf prowess.

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Schweitezer, Lenny, and Poynter Unleashed on FCS

Zane Schweitezer claims his first win at the Stand Up Paddle World Surf Tour while his fellow Maui islander, Kai Lenny, claims once again the title of world champion, coming in second place at the last leg of the tour.

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Fleeing the Top Spots for Better Sessions

Living in front of South America’s top pointbreak also has its disadvantages. It is common indeed that the most famous spots gets filled with crowd on weekends and holidays.

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Stand Up Paddle Surf World Tour in France

Video highlights of the French stop for the Stand up Paddle World Surf Tour is now available. Watch the changing conditions of the contest and the myriad talents on hand fighting the strong offshore winds and the leading champ, Kai Lenny.

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Kristi Page, a Rising Stand Up Paddle Wahine

It was the spring of 2009 and a young girl named Kristi Page entered into the women’s division of her first real competition as an unknown skinny kid of 13. Nobody knew who she was or where she came from. But after competing for the four days and coming out with 3rd in the Open Women’s division and “Best Up and Coming Talent award”, it became clear she had some real potential.

The Shouses, a Paddleboard Love Story

What are the chances that a girl from Oregon and a guy from Arizona hear the call of the ocean so deeply that they move to Hawaii – separately – fall in love.

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Stand Up Paddle Surf Groms Contest

The Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge Event: Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge, A Stand Up Paddle Contest for youth 16 and under, Presented by Turtle Bay Resort.

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