1/13/2024Paddlesports Unite SummitNashvilleIndianaUSANorth Americaindustryn/a$0no
1/20/2024Fusion SUP RetreatsCosta RicaNorth Americarace/surf/yogaAm$0no
1/20/2024Paddle Sports League Winter ChallengePalm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
1/21/2024SUP Games Winter ChallengePalm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
2/3/2024SUP Games #2Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
3/2/2024SUP Games #3Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
3/8/2024India Paddle FestivalSasihitlu BeachMangaloreIndiaAsiaraceAm/Pro$0no
3/24/2024Adler PaddlerLong BeachCaliforniaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0yes
4/13/2024Red Ride OutVictoriaBritish ColumbiaCanadaNorth Americarace/charityAm$0no
4/13/2024SUP Games #4Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
4/27/2024Punta Ala SUP RacePunta AlaItalyEuroperaceAm/Pro€4,500yes
5/4/2024Mondello Water FestivalMondelloItalyEuroperaceAm/Pro/Pro Elite€8,000yes
5/4/2024SUP King MarathonRigaLatviaEuroperaceAm€0no
5/9/2024Lake Rocks SUP FestivalLake FaakVillachAustriaEuroperaceAm/Pro/Pro Elite$12,000no
5/9/2024Konydart SUP ExpeditionMallaigGreat BritainEuropeTour/ExpeditionAm$0no
5/11/2024SUP Games #5Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
5/11/2024Sancti Petri SUP RaceSancti PetriSpainEuroperaceAm/Pro€4,500yes
5/11/2024Demo Days at Baby Beach Dana Point HarborBaby Beach Dana PointCaliforniaUSANorth AmericademoAm$0no
5/11/202412th Annual Paddle at the ParkWalton BeachFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
5/16/2024Konydart SUP ExpeditionMallaigGreat BritainEuropeTour/ExpeditionAm$0no
5/18/2024Barcelona SUP RaceBarcelonaSpainEuroperaceAm/Pro/Pro Elite€15,000yes
5/18/2024The Goat Boater SUP Race Series 250M Sprint HeatsTega CaySouth CarolinaUSANorth Americarace/demoAm$600no
5/18/2024Demo Days at Baby Beach Dana Point HarborBaby Beach Dana PointCaliforniaUSANorth AmericademoAm$0no
5/19/2024The Goat Boater SUP Race Series 10K Endurance GrindTega CaySouth CarolinaUSANorth Americarace/demoAm$600no
5/24/2024SUPFest 2024ArmathwaiteCumbriaUnited KingdomEuroperaceAm$0no
5/25/2024Demo Days at Baby Beach Dana Point HarborBaby Beach Dana PointCaliforniaUSANorth AmericademoAm$0no
6/1/2024SUP Games #6Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
6/1/2024Demo Days at Baby Beach Dana Point HarborBaby Beach Dana PointCaliforniaUSANorth AmericademoAm$0no
6/8/2024Demo Days at Baby Beach Dana Point HarborBaby Beach Dana PointCaliforniaUSANorth AmericademoAm$0no
6/8/2024K-SUP CUP GangneungGangneungKoreaAsiaraceAm/Pro/Pro EliteKRW 12,000,000no
6/13/2024Loch Shiel ExpeditionHighland CouncilGreat BritainEuropeTour/ExpeditionAm$0no
6/14/2024Tofino Women's Adventure RetreatTofinoBCCanadaNorth AmericaRetreatAm$0no
6/15/2024Demo Days at Baby Beach Dana Point HarborBaby Beach Dana PointCaliforniaUSANorth AmericademoAm$0no
6/20/2024SUP Safari SalzkammergutSalzkammergut AustriaEuropeTour/ExpeditionAm$0no
6/22/2024Nordhausen SUP RaceNordhausenGermanyEuroperaceAm/Pro€4,500yes
6/22/2024Demo Days at Baby Beach Dana Point HarborBaby Beach Dana PointCaliforniaUSANorth AmericademoAm$0no
6/28/2024daSkadar RaceMontenegroMontenegroEuroperaceAm€0no
6/29/2024Namur SUP RaceNamurBelgiumEuroperaceAm/Pro€2,500yes
6/29/2024Demo Days at Baby Beach Dana Point HarborBaby Beach Dana PointCaliforniaUSANorth AmericademoAm$0no
7/6/2024SUP Games #7Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
7/6/2024Paddle Battle 2024BridgtonMaineUSANorth AmericaraceAmn/ano
7/11/2024Gulf Islands Camping Expedition Trip 1SidneyBCCanadaNorth AmericaTour/ExpeditionAm$0no
7/12/20242024 Pan-American Masters GamesClevelandOhioUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
7/13/2024SUP Games #7Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
7/20/2024Lake Ohrid SUP CrossingTega CaySouth CarolinaUSANorth Americarace, demoAm/Pro$900no
7/20/2024Lake Ohrid SUP CrossingOhridMacedoniaMacedoniaEuroperaceAm/Pro$0no
7/20/2024SUP Games #7Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
7/21/2024Goat Boater SUP Race Series 6K Paddle BattleTega CaySouth CarolinaUSANorth Americarace, demoAm/Pro$900no
7/24/20242024 Midwest Paddle FestOconomowocWisonsinUSANorth Americarace/charityAm$0no
7/25/2024Great Glen SUP Trail ExpeditionScotlandScotlandEuropeTour/ExpeditionAm$0no
7/26/2024Paddle Splash Water & Wellness Festival 2024Rancho Cordova & FolsomCaliforniaUSANorth AmericaRace, Yoga, Charity, DemoAmn/ano
7/27/2024Paddle Splash Water & Wellness Festival featuring Seychelle SUP!Nimbus Flat State Park, Lake Natoma Rancho CordovaCaliforniaUSANorth AmericaCharity, Yoga, DemoAmn/ano
7/27/2024SUP Games #7Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
7/28/2024Vancouver SUP ChallengeVancouverBritish ColumbiaCanadaNorth AmericaraceAm/Pron/ano
8/1/2024Great Glen SUP Trail ExpeditionScotlandScotlandEuropeTour/ExpeditionAm$0no
8/3/20242024 Cape Cod Bay ChallengeDuxbury Beach ParkMassachusettsUSANorth AmericaRaceAm/Pron/ayes
8/3/2024SUP Games #8Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
8/3/2024SUP Games #7Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
8/3/2024K-SUP CUP DanyangDanyangKoreaAsiaraceAm/Pro/Pro EliteKRW 17,000,000no
8/8/2024Gulf Islands Camping Expedition Trip 2SidneyBCCanadaNorth AmericaTour/ExpeditionAm$0no
8/9/2024Skrea Strand PaddleraceFalkenebrgHallandSwedenEuroperaceAm/Pro€3,000no
8/10/2024SUP Games #7Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
8/17/2024Bohinj SUP ChallengeBohinj LakeSloveniaGorenjskaEuroperaceAmn/ano
8/17/2024Whiskey Island PaddlefestClevelandOhioUSANorth Americarace/demoAm$0no
8/17/2024SUP Games #7Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
8/18/2024Conquer the SeacoastSeabrookNew HampshireUSANorth AmericaCharityAmn/ano
8/22/2024Loch Shiel ExpeditionHighland CouncilGreat BritainEuropeTour/ExpeditionAm$0no
8/24/2024SUP Games #7Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
8/24/2024The Big DippaWhitley BayTyne & WearUnited KingdomEuroperaceAmn/ano
9/7/2024SUP Games #9Palm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
9/11/2024Discovery Islands Coastal Touring AdventureQuadra IslandBCCanadaNorth AmericaTour/ExpeditionAm$0no
9/14/2024 thru 9/16/2024Corsica Paddle Trophy 2024 - 6th editionL'Île-RousseFranceEuroperaceAm/Pron/ano
9/15/2024Bay Bridge PaddleAnnapolisMarylandUSANorth AmericaraceAm/Pro$400yes
9/16/2024ISA World SUP & Paddleboard ChampionshipsCopenhagenDenmarkEuroperace/surfPro$0yes
9/21/2024Back of Beyond RaceMoabUtahUSANorth Americarace/demoAmTBDyes
9/21/2024Red River Paddle ChallengeWinnipegManitobaCanadaNorth AmericaraceAm$0no
9/22/2024Goat Boater SUP Race Series Goat Island 5KTega CaySouth CarolinaUSANorth Americarace, demoAm/Pro$600no
9/24/2024Paddle Sports ShowStrasbourgFranceEuropetradeshown/an/ayes
9/28/2024Key West Paddle ClasicKey WestFloridaUSANorth AmericaRace/CharityAmn/ano
9/29/2024Capitola Beach Festival Paddleboard Race & SprintsCapitola BeachCaliforniaUSANorth AmericaraceAmn/ano
10/4/2024Algonquin Park Sup Wellness RetreatAlgonquin ParkOntarioCanadaNorth AmericaRetreatAm$0no
10/5/2024SUP Games FinalsPalm BayFloridaUSANorth AmericaraceAm$0no
10/12/20242024 Witch PaddleLittletonColoradoUSANorth AmericaraceAmn/ano
11/9/2024Marathon Int. Des Gorges de l'ArdecheFranceEuroperaceAm/Pro€1,500yes

Search by any keyword via the search box, filter events based on discipline and rating via their column search box, and sort events by descending or ascending order by clicking on title headers on any of the columns.


Events are also organized in terms of prize purse. AM events have no purse, PRO up to $15,000, and PRO ELITE $15,000+. Purse size is a leading indicator of the caliber of paddlers that are likely attend the event.


Events are organized by disciplines (fishing, yoga, race, surf, river). Events can be filtered by entering the name of the discipline in the discipline's column filter box. A search for "charity" will return all benefit-type events.


Other really helpful sources for sup events include namastesup.com (yoga), paddleguru.com (races), and watermanleague.com (surf). Also, the supconnect.com/community has over 1,182 events, all submitted by users and are classified as community events. Once a community event is held repeatedly over the years and becomes a main feature in the calendar of most pro elite athletes, then we move that community event to our premium event table above. If you're an event organizer, we encourage you not only to enter your event in the community, but also reach out to us via info@supconnect.com to get your event to be Supconnect Certified. The Supconnect Certification will give you free promotional value and help further develop your outreach to drive participation. We look forward to hearing from you! And we would love to hear your feedback on how to improve the Supconnect Calendar. Finally, if your event is listed above in the Premium Events Calendar and we need to update or correct some of the info above, please reach out to info@supconnect.com. The goal of the Supconnect Calendar is to help grow and deepen participation in SUP, helping serve enthusiasts, event organizers, brands, and all other contributors to this great sport of ours.